Elmo Production 1978

Elmo Trade Show Film

His first analog movie camera

3D printed model by Yuta Ikeya

The Man for Soft Forms

Bauer design by Hans Erich Slany

The woman behind “Daisies”

Interview with filmmaker Liza Voloshin

Can’t be true!

Back again: Double 8 in Color

The master of the Beaulieus

Björn Andersson repairs movie cameras

Neon lights on Super 8

A short about Las Vegas

“More raw beauty in Super 8”

A music video in black & white

The last Bolex

Planning of a Stillbirth

The Good Old Days

Albert Hammond on Super 8

Nikon’s behind glass

8mm prototypes in Tokyo

Maurer’s Moon Mission

16mm Prototype for Apollo Flights

A µ makes a difference

Eumig’s prototype with sensor keys

Featured Video Play Icon

Meeting a living legend

Dieter Rams, Braun Nizo design

The little one from the closet

When Agfa shrunk the cartridge

Flickering made in Hamburg

On the road with 100 Super 8 projectors

An unconventional family

Canon’s 16mm Scoopic models

Celebrating Double 8

A small gauge format turns 85

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