The Man for Soft Forms

Bauer design by Hans Erich Slany

The woman behind “Daisies”

Interview with filmmaker Liza Voloshin

Can’t be true!

Back again: Double 8 in Color

The master of the Beaulieus

Björn Andersson repairs movie cameras

Neon lights on Super 8

A short about Las Vegas

“More raw beauty in Super 8”

A music video in black & white

The last Bolex

Planning of a Stillbirth

The Good Old Days

Albert Hammond on Super 8

Nikon’s behind glass

8mm prototypes in Tokyo

Maurer’s Moon Mission

16mm Prototype for Apollo Flights

A µ makes a difference

Eumig’s prototype with sensor keys

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Meeting a living legend

Dieter Rams, Braun Nizo design

The little one from the closet

When Agfa shrunk the cartridge

Flickering made in Hamburg

On the road with 100 Super 8 projectors

An unconventional family

Canon’s 16mm Scoopic models

Celebrating Double 8

A small gauge format turns 85

3 months for 3 minutes

Animation is hard work

“Where is Brigitte Bardot?”

Interview with a Scopitone collector

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