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Luminous Kid – The Gutter of Our Ecstasy

Jürgen Lossau, June 14th, 2020

by Olof Grind

Movie Camera: Beaulieu 5008S

The Gutter of Our Ecstasy’ is the first single off Luminous Kid’s upcoming album.

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Lyrics: When I wake up to this old swooning town My heavy eyelids painted gold in the morning light Your skin grows closer to my chest as we breath Oh my darling, they’ll find us in the gutter of our ecstasy I see your skin closing in on me from the other side of the street Dusty morning dusty town dusty sunlight dusting off our new born heat You’re yawning smiling leaning over the city under your drowsy feet Miles and miles to go, you hear me whistle lightly softly, we are free Empty streets, flooded hearts, hands entwined in the park Light blue touch, deep green eyes, reaching far towards the sky As we roam down the hill, down some wine, Will you fill up the cup to the brim, towards the Eden of our whim PCC, I got smacked in the face, she was covered in rage As we stumbled back out into the night, The city lights swishing by as our screams and laughter Stole back the night Now our light is melting over the pillow over your feet I let in the world come crashing in as I open the window to the streets As we approach the end of our road, our mutual flight, our mutual fight Oh but darling, you can find me in the gutter of my ecstasy And so the end is near and then the end is here, I’ll leave you with my sleeve Oh please think of me when you’re covered in that dark woven heat And be assured that the tribulations of love are worthwhile As I’ll retrace my steps to the canopy of our love

Directed, filmed and produced by Olof Grind / Luminous Kid

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