The Single Frames Book

Super 8 Memories

Joeri De Jongh from Belgium has discovered a cool gift idea for himself. He created his own photo book – from Super 8 single frames. His trip to the Czech Republic resulted in a black and white book with many memories.

Last winter De Jongh was in the Czech Republic and for the first time took his Elmo Super 110 R only for the photo shoot – but more sophisticated. He used a cable release to expose each scene for about one second to get a selection of individual images. “I developed this Wittner PXR film myself and had it scanned in 4K at Van Eck in the Netherlands,” says the filmmaker. “At this resolution, you can make enlargements up to 20 x30 cm of single frames”. For a small photo book, a 2K scan is certainly sufficient. In any case, Joeri de Jongh has found much pleasure in this unusual use: “My goal is to have an exhibition in a few years’ time that consists only of enlarged single images!”

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