The Single-8 Story

Crowdfunding for a new book

60 years of Single-8! FUJIFILM’s film format is celebrating a milestone anniversary in spring 2025. Therefore J├╝rgen Lossau would like to present an illustrated book with all the movie cameras from Fujica, Elmo, Canon, Konica and Yashica for the Single-8 format. And there will be new information about the history of the film format. BUT IS THERE ENOUGH INTEREST IN THIS PROCECT? For this reason the author started a crowdfunding. This book is now available for pre-order and will be delivered in spring 2025. If the required number of 300 orders does not materialize, payments will be refunded at the end of 2024.


  • Why FUJIFILM built thousands of cameras and films in 1964 for a movie film format that didn’t even exist then
  • What really happened when Kodak left the working group for a new film format with FUJFILM, Canon, Konica, Agfa, Yashica and Bell & Howell in early 1964
  • Sakura film: Why Sakura film is recommended in the cartridge compartments of Konica Single-8 cameras, but was never available to buy
  • The secret of the golden Fujica P1: A camera as a trophy
  • Dismantled Fujica P1: The 200 parts of the camera
  • ELMO C-300 – The most universal of all movie cameras: for formats Single-8, Super 8, Double 8, Double Super 8
  • FUJICA ZS400: The only optical sound camera for 8mm movie film
  • A facade like a film package: A Japanese fan and his Single-8 house
  • Commercials about FUJIFILM Single-8 with direct QR codes for viewing
  • Japanese toys: Single-8 cameras as water pistols, lamps or kits
  • My Single-8 – the Japanese magazine for filmmakers
  • ELMO, Canon, Konica, Yashica – all about the 13 Single-8 models from the other manufacturers
  • A Japanese actress who became a Single-8 advertising icon
  • Shigeo Mizukawa: All the prototypes of FUJIFILM’s Single-8 models
  • Albrecht Graf Goertz: A German designs two Single-8 cameras for FUJIFILM
  • Too short: The Agfa Single-8 film
  • Fujica Single-8: All models, all data
  • The camera that never came onto the market: Gakken Single-8
  • 60 years of Single-8: Which films were available in the past, which films are available today
  • ELMO Single-8 cameras: The tricky ones with mirror and rewinding
  • Single-8 – the Japanese feature film that was created in 2023

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