The new Super 8 Magazine #8

Test of the new Orwo NC500

April 7th, 2023

Here are the topics of the new issue. The magazine is bilingual English/German. Here you can get the single issue or a subscription:

Two tests on a new film: ORWO NC500
When does new color negative film material ever come on the market? Now it’s here, the NC500 in 16mm, which can’t call itself ORWO. Our testers from the U.S. and Germany put the film under the microscope. Is the development better in ECN-2 or in C-41? How does the NC500 differ from Kodak films? Is the material suitable for self-development?

X-Ray Vision
Artist Max de Esteban from Spain has taken a close look at movie cameras and projectors. He breaks them down into layers, sprays them white, photographs them, and finally assembles them into special X-ray images. Why does he do this?

Andreas Marschall: Filmmaker on the Dark Side
Monsters, myths and neuroses – the film world of Andreas Marschall from Berlin. He has already shot over 100 music videos, many of them on Super 8, and several feature films. But it all started with record covers and film posters that he drew. An interview about his work and the latest project, which was created in Russia. On Fomapan.

Thriller on 150 Super-8 cartridges
A Super 8 film in the cinema? Emil Ink from the USA has realized just that. A flick made on 150 cartridges in Super 8 format – and for which he was able to enlist a well-known U.S. actor. The thriller is now being released in the USA.

Another feature film: Single-8
Who remembers the 2011 feature film Super 8, directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg? Something similar has now been made in Japan: the feature film Single-8, which also features scenes that were actually shot on Single-8. And a story with young people shooting with Single-8 sound movie cameras in 1978.

Fight the cassette jam!
What to do when the film doesn’t run properly through the Super-8 cartridge?

The Eumig Nautica and the Skeleton
A film made underwater: The Eumig Museum in Austria stages a showcase tale in the pond next door.

Real film look in 2K
The Berlin-based scanning company screenshot has acquired the latest scanner from MWA, called Nova. screenshot boss Mario Loose reports on his experience with the device: “Finally, a real film look” is his conclusion.

3x Single-8
Now click & surr delivers a total of three materials in the Single-8 cassette: twice in black & white with ISO 100 and 200, once in color with ISO 200. The best thing about it: the prices have been reduced by over 20 percent. All black-and-white films now cost under 50 euros with processing. Meanwhile, click & surr is the only supplier of fresh Single-8 film in the world.

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