PROTOTYPE is there!

150 unknown movie camera

Jürgen Lossau, December 6th, 2022

Now it is published: Jürgen Lossau’s illustrated book about 150 unknown film cameras of the formats 8mm, Double 8, Super 8, 16mm, Single-8 and Double-Super 8. On 180 large format pages you will find the following makes:

7x Agfa 8mm, Super 8

1x Arri DS8

8x Bauer 8mm, Super 8

4x Beaulieu Super 8

1x Bilora 8mm

3x Bolex Super 8 Sound

6x Bolsey 8mm, 16mm

1x Canon Super 8

16x Eumig Super 8, Super 8 Sound

13x Fujica Single-8

14x Kodak Super 8

14x Leicina 8mm, Super 8

5x Logmar Super 8

26x Meopta 8mm, Super 8

3x Nikon 8mm, Super 8

22x Braun Nizo 8mm, Super 8, Super 8 Sound

10x Rollei, 8mm, Super 8, 16mm

3x Victor 8mm, 16mm

1x Zeiss Ikon 16mm




PROTOTYPE has 180 pages and is bilingual English/German. Here you can order the book for 49,95 Euro:—150-unknown-movie-cameras/

ISBN 9783938619506

First comments about the book:

“An extremely well done book. Absolute highlight of this book is clearly the chapter about Meopta, which is also the most comprehensive chapter!”

Martin Rowek, Projectionist Forum


“A really great book. Impressive what so many companies have planned and then often not implemented. The chapter about Albrecht Graf Goertz, the creator of one of the most beautiful cars in the world (BMW 507), thrilled me. He also designed Fujicas! Also very impressive what Leica created for the showcase for 25 years.”

Helge L., Projectionist Forum


“Thank you very much for this work, a wonderful book!”

Film Mechanic, Projectionist Forum


“What a treat! Am only on the Arri chapter, but already deeply immersed.”

Friedemann Wachsmuth, Projectionist Forum


“Am also completely enthralled! Thank you for the wonderful book and for the immense work that went into it.”

Mamingu, Projectionist Forum


“Very many beautiful illustrations of the cameras. And what I also really like: the cheerful, smug tone in the headlines and articles. Anyway, it reads very easily – just also because of the casual remarks.”

Regular 8, Projectionist Forum


“It’s beautiful!”

David Sekanina,


“Well done, excellent work!”

Lee Mannering, 8mm Forum


“Highly recommended!”

Maurizio di Cintio, Super 8 Group, Facebook


“Fabulous Monday! When I got home for dinner and saw that Jürgen Lossau’s latest book had arrived: a clever treatise on 158!!! prototypes of Super 8 and 16mm cameras. A first look reveals amazing things, like Marcel Beaulieu’s photography with a prototype for Double Super 8 or an Eumig with motorized but not automatic focus and stereo sound. Exceptional volume, highly recommended, a MUST for any Super-8 creative!”

Ignacio Benedeti Corzo, Super 8mm, Facebook


“Anything put out by Jürgen Lossau is top notch!”

Shane C. Collins, Super 8mm, Facebook


“This is an excellent book. I finally see the developments of other designers. Very interesting. Now I’d like to know even more about the designer of the Auto-Carena.”

Shigeo Mizukawa, camera designer for FujiFilm, Japan


“All the other books of Jürgen Lossau are fabulous, I will get this one also.”

Hyker Richard LaRiviere, Cine Camera Collectors, Facebook


“An avid photo fair-goer, Lossau is also the author of many books and editor of a Super 8 magazine. It’s great to see that film camera manufacturers have been working on new models until recently. Jürgen has documented quite a bit.”

André Hagers, Vereniging Fotografica, Netherlands

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