PROTOTYPE – never built movie cameras

More than 100 unknown models

February 26th, 2022

J├╝rgen Lossau is preparing a new book titled PROTOTYPE. Inside there are around 100 movie cameras that have never been built. Super 8, Single-8, 16mm, 8mm. Ingenious designs that were too expensive to mass produce. Or were conceived too early. Or too late. Models that could take photos and filming movies. Intelligent design, opulent functions. Inventions between 1935 and 1980. A last look at these analog treasures before they are forgotten. Interviews with constructors and designers. This book is free for pre-ordering now. Today, technical books are only available in small print runs. That’s why the publisher is with pre-orders for this title, in order to be able to estimate the exact print run. Distribution currently only online and not through bookstores. Here you will find more information:—100-unknown-movie-cameras/

Here are some of the brands:

Agfa (3x 8mm, 8x Super 8)

Arri (Super 8)

Bauer (5x Super 8)

Beaulieu (2x Super 8)

Bolex (Super 8)

Bolsey (8mm)

Braun Nizo (2x 8mm, 10x Super 8)

Canon (Super 8)

Chinon (Super 8)

Eumig (15x Super 8)

Fujica (5x Single-8)

Gakken (Single-8)

GOMZ (Super 8, 16mm)

Kodak (2x Super 8)

Leitz Leicina (12x 8mm)

Logmar (Super 8)

Meopta (8mm)

Nikon (8mm, Super 8)

Rollei (8mm, 16mm, Super 8)

Saraber Finetta (Super 8)

Silma (Super 8)

Suchanek (8mm)

Victor (2x 16mm)

Zeiss Ikon (16mm)

and others

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