New Magnetic Sound Striping

Alberto Vangelisti from Italy

Jürgen Lossau, March 8th, 2018

Alberto Vangelisti from Italy is now offering his magnetic sound striping service for Super 8 – both soundtracks, the main and the balancing track. So far, he has done this only for 35mm and 16mm films. His liquid soundtrack can be applied on acetate and polyester films – and this is done at a great price: 30 euros for 300m film plus 5 euros for the cleaning of the film material. For further information email:

  • I used this service for 16 mm polyester film, an exceptional result !

  • I have some commercially released super eight silent movies I want a magnetic sound stripping put on it….. Am I to understand That you offer that service? and if so what would it cost for a 400 foot super 8 mm reel?

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