Mirror Cartridge for Super 8

Check the movie cameras

Jürgen Lossau, October 22nd, 2021

Frank Bruinsma, owner of the Dutch Super8 Reversal Lab, introduces the Mirror Cartridge for several Super 8 cameras. If you place this cartridge inside your camera, you can check if the automatic or manual exposure work. There are two major user cases: If you want to purchase a used Super 8 camera you can check that it works before you pay for it. Or if you own a camera, you check the condition before you expose any film cartridges. In other words, save money and time. The cartridge works with models like Nikon, Nizo 110-200 and the Nizo Sound models, Canon 310XL and 514XL but not for “back loaders” like Agfa Movexoom, Nizo S460-801 or Bauer and Elmo cameras. The cartridge costs 50 euros. www.super8.nl


The 3D printed cartridge has the following benefits

–            Check the automatic aperture

–            Check the manual aperture

–            Check the build-in filter setting

–            Check the film gate

–            Check the camera before you buy it

–            Check the camera before you use it

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