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How Much Film Is in a Cartridge?

  • Nice. Maybe suggest doing this in dark room to conserve some frames?

  • Danke! Superhinweis, da ich auch gerne mal die Kassette in ein oder andere Kamera wechsle.

  • We’re linking clients now regularly to this video for them to determine whether it’s worthwhile to pay for the developing of their lost and found film. Thanks so much for this! It makes us and our clients happy and I hope it remains available for a long time.

    As to Craig’s suggestion….I would assume that this procedure would work if the film were pulled from the supply side vs the exposed side of the cartridge thus alleviating the concern of the lost 2 seconds or so of image.

  • Film Rescue,
    Pulling it out of the supply side won’t work as it needs to be rewound and only the takeup side can do that. Camera’s that rewind the film for lap dissolves push the film back into feed side.
    However the solution to avoid spoiling the 2 seconds of exposed film is to first wind 40 frames of film forward before pulling the 40 frames out of the cartridge.

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