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straight8 shows Super 8

May 10th, 2018

it’s time again for straight8 from london: one cartridge, no editing. the straight 8 2018 cannes film festival selection has been announced:

8 films will hit the screen for the first time ever at cannes film festival – 8.30pm – may 14th – cinema olympia, cannes

alone, my friend – jason bradbury  (london, uk. filmed in dubai, uae)

dear frankie – megan marie connolly, claudia krogmeier & nate gilbert  (chicago, usa)

flicker and fade – the kommandants  (darwin, australia. filmed in cambodia)

in love – candice nachman  (los angeles, usa)

monolith – gabriel bullen  (doha, qatar)

satan’s bite: or the foolishness of the witchfinder thomas eastchurch – dean puckett  (london, uk)

what a drag – jake kuhn  (atlanta, usa)

winter of my life – roger & remy batteault  (beaune, france)

congratulations to these 8 films and their makers.  these 8 are the creme de la cannes of straight 8 2018.

see them in cannes or later in london or here (for 2.49 US-Dollar): https://vimeo.com/ondemand/straight82018cannes8

We would like to thank our sponsors for making the Super 8 web portal possible.