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British company brings VintaChrome

Jürgen Lossau, September 7th, 2017

It sounds unbelievable: “Just like the classic Kodak Process Paid style, you purchase a cartridge of Super 8mm film which comes with processing included. So shoot your footage, pop the cartridge into the mail and await the arrival of your processed footage mounted on a 50ft. reel ready to project”.

This offer of the British “The Old Film Company” isn’t cheap at all: £89.99 (US-$ 117) per cartridge.

The material is based on the later version of Kodak Ektachrome 160 sound movie film with a special processing formula. The selling company promises the following features: a warm Vintage look and a grain level similar to Kodak’s Tri-X.


Here are the seller’s hints for exposure: Daylight with built-in camera filter No. 85A (ASA 100/DIN 21), Tungsten indoors with movie light – no filter (ASA 160/23 DIN). This film is magnetic striped. For use only in cameras accepting the Super 8 Sound cartridge.

The look is poor and really retro…

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Photos: The Old Film Company

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